Distance Education

Thank you for visiting the distance education pages at LBW. This page will provide valuable information to all the necessary links and pages that students will need to review before becoming a distance education student. LBW has been offering distance education courses for many years which gives our students the opportunity to complete most all of the course work for an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science. LBW also offers many of our Career Technical courses in a distance education format. These courses give students all the flexibility they need to be able to work, have a family, and at the same time be given the opportunity of getting an education. Our goal is to offer our students every possible alternative to succeed and complete their educational goals. LBW hopes that you will enjoy your online learning experience and wishes all of our distance education students great success.

Student Welcome Letter

Essential skills for being successful in Distance Education at LBW:

Please review all of the pages and links below. These pages will guide you as a student to all the necessary information you need to become a successful student in distance education.

Canvas Information

The Canvas Information page provides valuable information about things such as course access, canvas login, contact information, canvas downloads, and the canvas orientation. Please review all these pages to become more familiar with Canvas at LBW.

Technology Requirements

Student Resources

The Student Resources page provides students information about advising, admission, financial aid, student services, student privacy policies and tuition.

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