How are European Creators Losing Out on Money and How EuroFans Can Help

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How are European Creators Losing Out on Money and How EuroFans Can Help

 Currency swings are an unavoidable consequence of the floating exchange rate system, which is
the norm in major countries worldwide. In addition to the economic performance of the country
concerned, other factors such as the inflation outlook, interest rate differentials, and capital flow
all play a role in determining exchange rates. Furthermore, the resilience or weakness of an
economy is often used to determine the value of a currency's exchange rate. As a result, the value
of a currency can fluctuate dramatically from one instant to the next.

Hidden Costs in Currency Exchange that you should be aware of.

Your bank or money transfer company (such as Wise or Western Union) charges you currency
exchange fees every time you move money from one currency to another. This can be done in a
transparent or obfuscated manner. In the currency exchange industry, the difference between
both the exchange rate they choose to use, and the "actual" mid-market exchange rate (i.e., the
one you see on Google) is referred to as an exchange rate margin.

This accounts for the majority of currency conversion fees. In essence, this means that the majority of banks and money transfer companies are offering you
a lower exchange rate from the one they received on the market themselves. This enables the
services to create a profit and continue to operate their own companies.
 And sure, everyone should make a profit in business.
 But the problematic issue about currency exchange fees is that they are frequently not presented
transparently to the user and are often a fully concealed price to those not familiar with the
currency exchange market.

 Why is Euro Stronger than the Dollar?

When a new currency is launched, the value of the currency can be set to any amount.
Historically, the value of a coin would be determined by the amount of gold or silver it
contained. For example, one franc might be worth 4.5 grams of silver, whereas one florin might
be worth 0.8 grams of gold. The fact that one unit of a specific currency is much more valued
beyond one unit of another currency is the outcome of governments separately determining the
value of the basic unit of their respective currency in the first place.

 Generally speaking, governments desire their currency to appear to be of reasonable value to
their citizens. It is common for a currency to have a low base unit value due to deflation,
depreciation, ruination, and other factors that destabilize an economy. For example, following
decades of political and economic upheaval in Turkey, it cost 1.3 million Turkish lira to equal
one US dollar in 2015. As a result, the Turkish government established a new lira in 2005, with
one new lira equaling 1.3 new US dollars. Nothing else has changed, yet it appears to be a
superior design.

As for the euro, its creators wanted it to have some imaginary value, still within reasonable
limits. As a result, they chose a base unit value that was slightly greater than one US dollar at the
time of introduction. In part, because the euro's value is supported by a developed market
economy, the euro's value has remained relatively steady over the years. Between 2000 and
2002, the value of one euro dipped below the value of one US dollar, but robust economic
growth in the Eurozone caused the euro's value to return. Despite the current and ongoing crisis,
the euro's value continues to rise as a result of strong economic conditions in Germany, which
serves as the Eurozone's economic engine of production.

How are Europeans losing Money by Earning in Dollars rather than their native currency?

 Because of the euro, the cost of exchange rate changes within the Eurozone countries has been
eliminated. Consumption and business in the euro area are thus protected from the cost of
movements in currency markets that, in some countries, used to damage confidence, deter
investment, and generate economic instability. Before the introduction of the euro, the necessity
to exchange currencies resulted in increased costs, risks, and a lack of accountability in cross-
border operations. Due to the use of a single currency, conducting business and investing in the
Eurozone is more manageable, less expensive, and less dangerous.

 The euro fosters trade and investments of all types across countries because it makes it simple to
compare prices. It also assists both individual consumers and corporations in obtaining the best
possible costs.

 How EuroFans is Helping its Creators

  The European adult content platform EuroFans, in contrast to OnlyFans and other comparable
adult content platforms, gives its creators infinite tips and other privileges that are not accessible
on OnlyFans. These functions are in place to ensure that money does never get in the way of
erotic entertainment and that the creators receive the compensation they deserve! Payment
through Crypto and branded non-financial tokens, which have reduced tax and currency
conversion expenses, allows you to get the most from your talent and material while paying less
in taxes and currency exchange fees.


  EuroFans Pays its content Creators in Euros

Even if the earning potential remains the same as before OnlyFans's error, the most essential
advancement here is that EuroFans provides its creators with the possibility to get paid in Euros
in addition to their local currencies, which is a game-changer. In addition, because there are no
hidden costs or taxes to worry about, Eurofans talents and agencies can attain financial freedom
and greater stability more quickly as a result of the lack of hidden fees and taxes that are
generally involved with the currency conversion process. 

New startups are our core emphasis, and young creative creators are nothing more than a new
startup needing assistance. One of the last things anyone of us wants is to be plagued with
ambiguous currency fees, which may eat up a considerable chunk of our hard-earned cash flow.

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