More Ways To Earn: Selling Underwear

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More Ways To Earn: Selling Underwear
Selling your used panties could be a real side earner

Let’s face it, selling panties is not for everyone. But for those where it is an option, where your viewers are asking for these specific intimate goodies, selling panties to fans has become more mainstream than ever. No longer something for a down-and-dirty dodgy marketplace, selling lingerie (worn or not) has actually become a pretty big industry for erotic models online. Specialist websites are posting all the time for performers and creators to sell their undies discreetly and with confidence.

But did you know you could see your panties through Eurofans?

You can set up a panty selling section in your Erofans Profile under the Merchandise Section. Then, once you've listed your items and a sale is made, you just package the underwear and send it.

Yes, it’s as easy as that.

What Should You Sell?

Although most items of this type are usually used panties (fans wanting to get up close and personal with you this way), plenty of Eurofans' creators sell more than just a panty or two. Some fans prefer to buy whole lingerie sets; others may have a thing for feet and want your socks, even your shoes. And if you're willing to part with them, used toys have been known to bring in big money for a specific select clientele. It's totally up to you what you sell, how you sell, and at what price you sell an item. You run your ‘store’ on Eurofans, find and court your fans, and use our portal to increase your revenue stream.

On average, most ladies list used panties for between $20 and $40, but if they're a particularly expensive pair that set you back a few bucks when you first bought the place, you might want to a higher price. It's not uncommon to see individual items listed for $100+.

The good thing about this kind of passive income is that you don't have to sell the fanciest items. As long as the panties are worn (in many cases, the more amateur-looking an item seems) for many fans, the more appealing it is. Remember, though, posh lingerie has its appeal to a particular section of fans.

Some of the most expensive items have gone for thousands of dollars!

If you aren't too successful straight away with a particular type of panty at a specific price point, you can always try switching up styles and your prices. That's the beauty of running your own intimate goods' shop' on Euro fans; everything is under your control.

Setting up the sale for maximum profit
There are a few things you need to do if you want to make the most out of your underwear sales:

    Choose the underwear carefully. Bright colors and lacy items generally sell better than basic black nylon.
    It doesn't need to be the skimpiest little panty. There's a sure strong market out there for 'everyday' briefs.
    Look at your fellow Eurofans' sellers; what seems to be popular with them? See if you have similar items, at least at first setting up your sales.
    Entice fans when you chat with them. Not everybody that peeks in our engages in chat might have even looked around your page to see that you are selling panties or other goodies.

Erofans offers many revenue streams and one of the best of these, and one of the most popular, is for our talented performers to sell their panties. Choosing exactly how/what and for how much you want to sell your naughty goodies is up to you. Grab this revenue stream now!

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