Transfer Assistance

Alabama Transfers

Alabama Transfers (formerly STARS) is an initiative of the Alabama General Studies Committee (AGSC). To simplify transfer in Alabama, it runs the transfer guide system: a set of agreements community college students can enter into, which bind Alabama’s public universities to accept their pre-approved transfer credits for four years. Additionally, this online system lets students preview how their credits will transfer for a target major and university. For more information, visit Alabama Transfers

2-to-4 Transfer Program

The Alabama Community College System's 2-to-4 Transfer Program facilitates the seamless transfer of credit from community colleges to private colleges and universities in Alabama. For more information on the 2-to-4 Transfer Program, visit Transfer Guides and click on your intended transfer institution.

Students intending to transfer should work closely with their academic advisor to ensure that they are registering for the appropriate courses. Advisor information can be found in myLBWCC; from the Student Landing Page, click on Student Profile and scroll down to Advisor. For general transfer questions, please contact Tori Norris, Director of Student Success ( or 334-881-2215) or Latrece Hall, Counselor for Student Services ( or 334-881-2271). 

Transfer Scholarships

Many four-year colleges and universities offer scholarships to students transferring after attending LBW. Students should visit each institution's website to review transfer scholarship offers, details, qualifications, value, and deadlines. Please visit the LBW Transfer Scholarship Page for more information.